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Dental Fillings: What You Should Know

Dental fillings help protect children’s teeth when cavities and/or other oral health issues become a concern. Today parents can choose from several types of dental fillings that restore the appearance and strength of a tooth. It is ideal to learn more about fillings from the kids dentist near me tacoma and in our article below!

kids dentist near me tacoma

Gold, porcelain and composite fillings are available for children. They’re used when the restored tooth withstands extreme forces that make it vulnerable to damage due to forces. Many fillings mimic the appearance of natural teeth. The fillings are used on the front of the teeth where a child cares about their appearance.

There are many factors a dentist’s uses to determine which type of filling is best for your child. Obviously you have a choice in the matter. Factors that impact the choice of filling material include the severity of the damage, the durability, and the longevity that it offers. Cost is a concern for most parents when their child needs a filling.

Your child’s dentist will discuss the different filling options with you during the initial visit or consultation. This provides parents the chance to ask questions and get the assurance they need in their child’s oral health and tooth health. Rest assured the dentist happily answers all questions because he wants patients to feel secure.

Dental fillings are safe and FDA approved so that is nothing of concern. The procedure is used by people on an everyday basis because they’re so beneficial to the health and protection of the teeth. The dentist will make sure you feel at ease before the procedure begins. Use the time to ask questions and learn more about fillings and how they protect your child’s oral health and smile.